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Our Services

Since 2008 we have been producing, directing or been in charge of the executive production of more than 300 films whether commissionned by public institutions or companies, or animated documentaries for tv and web.

Two teams of permanent collaborators bring to all projects reactivity and know-how : 2D animation and motion design is done in the Paris studio when 3D animation / motion capture in the Lyon subsidiary.

According to the needs our teams are completed by external partners : artists, technicians and technical service providers.

In this creative laboratory, we also sow our own seeds of short-films and series. We grow up projects from creators of various horizons. All gathered around us by the desire to talk about humanity in its diversity and keen to experiment… Hybridization of contents (between documentaries and fiction), writing techniques (linear or not), or direction techniques (live action and animation or different animation techniques mixed together). A laboratory that will allow us evoking human destinies without pity, thinking without being boring, helping people discover things… to make a long story short : we wish to address serious matters without taking ourselves seriously.

Oscar’s advice: The sooner you contact us in the creation process, the better we can help you to optimize artistic needs, technical and financial constraints.

Focus on Documentary

If you want animation into your live action productions, you are in the right place.

For 10 years Oscar B has been listening, understanding and collaborating with great success on documentaries by French directors and faithful production Cies.
Two ways to cooperate :

• as your executive producer for the artistic and technical part of the animation on your productions

• as your co-producer if our financial support (cash and industry) can help to finance your productions. Thanks to access to specific French animation and / or regional funds among others. Our 3D studio is based in Lyon and we also work with highly recommendable partner studios in all the dynamic French regions to make your projects eligible to regional funds.

The Team

Olivier Dusart
Olivier Dusart
Founder and co-manager, Olivier leads the artistic and technical teams and also directs many of the Paris studio’s films.
He also teaches 2D animation and coordinates the pedagogy of the Preparatory Class at Gobelins Ecole de l’Image, one of the most prestigious animation schools in the world, where he studied and graduated in Film Design and Direction.
Christophe Fleury
Christophe Fleury
Christophe is also founder and co-manager of Oscar B studio.
He is the studio’s DA and overlooks all Motion Design films. He also teaches at Gobelins École de l’Image, in preparatory class. He graduated in Multimedia Graphic Design at the National Superior School of Decorative Arts (ENSAD).
Sébastien Dusart
Sébastien Dusart
Graduated from Supinfocom-Valenciennes as Digital Director, Sébastien brings to the studio his 3D animation skills.
He manages the Lyon subsidiary and supervises the 3D animation team.
At the Lyon Bellecour School, he is involved in the training of 3D animation students.
Thibaut Eymar
Thibaut Eymar
Associate of the Paris and Lyon studios, Thibaut has created most of the youth series concepts developped by the studio.
He also teaches Arts.

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