The Trojan War did take place2023-05-15T11:50:43+00:00

Project Description

The Trojan War did take place

In collaboration with the production company Pernel Media and the director Laurent Portes, we designed animated sequences of the documentary “The Trojan War has taken place” broadcast on France 5 by mixing 3D motion capture animations and 2D sets.

We have also designed maps, buildings in speed painting, reconstructions of the site of Troy in 3D, machines of war, in short, a wide range of elements that enrich and accompany the narration. This project is a good example of the different types of services that we can offer to directors and producers of documentaries, it is also a great showcase of what we like to do !

Direction : Laurent Portes.
Production : Pernel Media
Animation : oscar B studio/oscar B Lyon
Broadcasting : France 5