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Project Description

Les Grands Mythes – Iliad

Homer’s Iliad is the first work of Western literature. This epic retraces the history of the Trojan War. During this conflict, the Greeks went to make the siege of Troy to recover the beautiful Helen, kidnapped by Paris to her husband the king of Sparta, Menelaus. After a ten year siege under the walls of the city of Troy, the war turns to the advantage of the Greeks thanks to the famous Achilles.

In collaboration with the production company Rosebud, we designed the animated sequences of the 10 episodes of the series by mixing motion capture 3D animations and 2D decorations.

Below, the excerpts of the 10 episodes.

A series created by François Busnel
Director: Sylvain Bergère, Nathalie Amsellem, Gaetan Chabanol, Camille Dalbera, Sébastien Rancourt.
Authors: François Busnel, Gilbert Sinoue, Jean Charles Paugam
Animation: Oscar B studio / Oscar B Lyon
Broadcasting: Arte