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Project Description

Les Grands Mythes – The Odyssey

Homer’s Odyssey revives the story of Odysseus who, after the Trojan War, wants to return home to the island of Ithaca. But the spectacle of war has driven him away from the Gods, in whom he no longer wants to believe. This distrust attracts the wrath of Zeus to him. During this long journey, He will encounter terrible storms, tread the Underworld and face frightening creatures such as the Cyclops, the sirens, or Charybdis and Scylla.
While in his kingdom, his wife Penelope resists the Suitors who are scheming to steal his throne and his wife. Will Ulysses be able to prove that the Gods are no longer necessary for men?

In collaboration with the production company Rosebud, we designed the animated sequences of the 10 episodes of the series by mixing motion capture 3D animations and 2D decorations.

Below, the excerpts of the 10 episodes.

A series created by François Busnel
Director: Sylvain Bergère, Nathalie Amsellem, Gaetan Chabanol and Camille Dalbera.
Authors: François Busnel, Gilbert Sinoue, Jean Charles Paugam
Animation: Oscar B studio / Oscar B Lyon
Broadcasting: Arte